Submissions for reviews of Smart and Skilled in NSW

 WAVE is preparing submissions for reviews of Smart and Skilled in NSW, and Senate Inquiry into school students with a disability.  Contact us if you wish to contribute.

WAVE supports Leela Kruger's study exchange

WAVE supported the application of Leela Kruger from Waltja in the Northern Territory to attend the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE)  study exchange.  As Leela says: The reason why I'm here is because I got the opportunity to attend a study exchange to meet with other Adult Educators from all different countries. With this opportunity I get to see a different prospective of the different types of adult educators, learning the different cultures and sharing my experiences with others and learn new ones. I really couldn't haven't done it without WAVE ( Women In Adult and Vocational Education) and Waltja (my work) for supporting me with my nomination. For the whole 3 years I've been working at Waltja and being my first job after I finished school, they have support me so much. Self development and professional development. Not only do they support me and other staff but another 30+ remote communities in central Australia. Many projects such as youth, aged care, ERF, money management, family mental health and more. This organisation is just like one big family. I would have been any prouder to work for this organisation.

I would like to thank everyone at Waltja for their support also WAVE for giving me the opportunity and ASPBAE ( Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education) for accepting my application and giving me the opportunity to come and learn from this experience. It's not everyday you get to travel to a different country and experience their culture but to meet with other people from all over the world in the same work field as you is amazing and to be the only person from Australia selected. I feel so honored and blessed to be apart of this.

International Womens Day

Happy International Women's Day!  Make it Happen  is this year's theme to encourage and recognise women across the globe.  WAVE hopes you are able to celebrate by joining activities and marches in your community.

Profile of Women's Employment in NSW: Trends and Issues. NSW Office For Women

In 2010, the Office for Women’s Policy commissioned the Workplace Research Centre and Women and Work Research Group, at the University of Sydney, to research and profile trends and issues in NSW women’s employment.

The report provides up to date, accessible information about:

  • women's status and experience in the NSW labour market
  • the jobs women do and when and where they work
  • what women earn now and what they have saved for retirement
  • how caring affects women's participation in work
  • how women are represented at work through trade unions
  • the experiences of different groups of women.

While overall, NSW women's experiences in work, care and their savings for retirement are similar to those of women in other States and Territories, and nationally, NSW is unique in how women participate in the labour force.

Although the rates of participation by men and women in NSW are comparably lower than other States and Territories, the profile of women’s participation in NSW closely reflects the profile of men.

Traditionally (and in other jurisdictions except the ACT) women usually exit the labour force during their childbearing years, but in NSW, women participate in sustained and increasing proportions at this time.

In contrast to married women in other states, married women in NSW also display increasing workforce participation rates until reaching 45-54 years at which stage their participation decreases. This also mirrors the male life course work pattern rather than the conventional patterns for females.